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The Phoenix Rises Inc.

We are a media company driven by technology and the constant need to make the world a better and more habitable place for every single one of us in it. The world as we know it is currently facing unprecedented causes that are rapidly changing the way we do a lot of things. This is why we have taken the initiative to fix the problem of fake news.

Fake news has become the norm and this is not right. At Phoenix Rises we are out to change the narrative and point people on the internet looking for legit and valid news in the right direction. For this reason we have put together the following websites to solve the issue of fake news on the internet and also to help people during these hard times.

  12.   & more!

Take time out to enjoy the content on our website, and watch yourself become more educated about the present/current covid situation and even other causes that are not in the media or on the news as much as covid but still deserve to be talked about. 

Our content is populated from the world’s most trusted websites that have an impeccable reputation for providing online readers with valid and real news. Many news sites are in the business of misleading people but that is not us. We are here to redefine the narrative for the better.